Brand Strategy


Tone of Voice / Messaging


Core Look


To refresh the SLURPEE brand to become relevant again in today’s youth culture, while keeping an iconic, timeless edge for the loyalists.


To go bigger, bolder, wilder, freer and more, more, more… More energizing, with the colors of electric, jolting joy. More boldness, with the presence of an enormous S drawn from the youthful, swervy, curvy, ultra-smooth feeling of the literal material. More freedom to use the logotype and supporting framing devices to overtake and celebrate authentic SLURPEE moments.  More amazing character, with an actual mascot that lives inside the S and exemplifies our mischievious, inner hunger for a SLURPEE in every hand (in it’s case: four hands/arms and no legs). Finally, more voice, with a tagline that can inspire not only big creative ideas, but the original SLURPEE Day itself:  FILL FREELY.