Tone of Voice / Messaging


Core Look


To evolve and redefine the core brand identity and packaging systems to elevate Flyers' shelf presence, as well as, allow for the flexibility to extend into multiple product extensions to come in the future.


To evolve the design story into a more sophisticated strategy that could support the high quality taste of the drinks by deepening the brand's connection to the timeless, elevated vibes of cocktail culture. The new identity's DNA relies on the key icon in making cocktails: the jigger measuring tool. Its shape became elemental to redrawing the logotype (found within the 'R' of the name) and as a secondary icon, which now accompanies a shorthand, core monogram. To further extend the story we built a secondary, supporting world of assets from patterns to illustrations that derive from timeless details and craft of the traditional cocktail world. To support the new core look, a new 'All Are Welcome' tone of voice was devised to bring a feeling of authentic, inviting hospitality to future communication.  Finally, the new packaging system is anchored in timeless, nightlife sign aesthetics. It allows for vast flexibility as the brand innovates into new product offerings.