To adapt Australian distillery: Archie Rose's Fundamental Spirits range of products' core look and feel to a full, signature range of pre-mixed cocktails in a can.


The design for the RTD line balances that same mainstream appeal with premium positioning and presents the canned offerings as a consolidated range. The packaging carries over the abstract "a" logo with a geometric rose inside and Archie Rose's distinctive Australian provenance, translating the initial branding system to a new audience. A steady black serves as the primary hue for the whisky-based beverages–the Double Malt Ginger Beer and Double Malt Smoked Cola.

Playful, vibrant colors dominate the gin and vodka offerings while also highlighting flavor cues—orange for Gin & Mango Soda with Finger, Lime, purple for Gin & Blackberry Soda with Lemon Myrtle, and an apricotish-pink for Gin & Peach Soda with Passionfruit. Vodka Soda with Finger Lime, releasing in early 2024, dons a glowing emerald hue. Those colors also help showcase the local and sustainably sourced ingredients in every drink, heightening taste perception for cocktail aficionados seeking the convenience of pre-mixed beverages