Immersive Insights

Collaborative, experiential, out in the real world explorations to uncover powerful insights for your brand and audience

Getting you out from behind the desk and piles of data, we immerse in the culture together – connecting firsthand with new experiences, changemakers, experts, and your consumers – to understand the possibilities and realities for your business.

From global multi-city investigations to a laser focused audience or locale, our insights unlock real business value. They can inform acquisition strategies and innovation pipeline development, inspire entirely new categories to play in, or nuance how to speak authentically to your audience.

Previous immersive insight programs have included: The Future of Wellness, The Art of Premiumization, Cannabis Elevation, DNA Health, Your Inner Gamer

• Cultural, Category or Mindset Safaris
• Expert and Influencer Chats
• Consumer Conversations
• Insight Activation Workshops

Brand Strategy and Design

To each brand and its unique challenge, we bring a blank slate and a wealth of experience.

Our immersive and design-led approach begins with an in-depth understanding of your brand, business and audience. We want to talk to your R&D folks, tour your factory, walk your stores, be on the line and always talk to your user throughout.

We then explore the broader context, looking beyond the obvious, to other influencing categories and culture.

Our experience and analysis then gives us a clear path to your brand’s purpose and place in the world, informing captivating, on-brand and culturally relevant brand design.

• Purpose
• Positioning
• Naming
• Architecture
• Brand World
• Identity
• Packaging

Real World Innovation

We work with you from inception to your initial go-to-market strategy.

We behave as modern startup founders, committed to solving a real need in an optimized way. Which means we merge informed instinct, based on continual conversation with your consumers and firsthand experience, with long-standing branding discipline to get you to a soft launch fast.

• White Spaces & Innovation Platforms
• Brand & Product Concepts
• Product Development Guardianship
• Go To Market Strategy